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A Naughty Basket DIY

Last week I spent a couple of days at the cottage with some girlfriends and while we were there of course it rained. So what do you do in cottage country when it rains? If the kids were with us we you could play cards, have a dance party or play a boardgame - but us girls? We like to shop! So while scouring all the really cute shops in Ontario cottage country I came across some beautiful nautical inspired baskets and instantly fell in love with the colours and textures. However as much as I love them, the over $100 price tag was something I did not like. So what’s a girl to do? Come home and DIY!!!! I started with a laundry basket from the dollar tree it cost $1.25. I had already purchase

Tomato cages who knew??

I have to admit I have become a plant-a-holic! In my home you are literally tripping over plants. My husband seems a bit annoyed with my new found hobby, however bites his tongue when I tell him plants are good for the environment, they help us breathe, clean our air and whatever else I can come up with on a whim... The truth is I love the look of plants...period! Plants add warmth and depth to every and any space. My other obsession right now is copper so combining the 2 together??...... no brainer. While looking for this combo I found these gorgeous copper ones at Urban Outfitters but $59 is not a price I was willing to pay. So like any DIY'er on a budget I decided to make my own, and the



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