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$5 Wall Art?? What???

Why go to a big box store and buy a piece of mass-produced wall art? With a few simple household staples and some thrift store baskets, you can quickly transform your space. It’s so much easier than you think to create a unique basket wall in any room of your home and give it a one-of-a-kind new look

I got these baskets from a variety of #local thrift stores. They’re a dime a dozen at the thrift, and come in all shapes, shades, and sizes. In fact, this entire basket wall cost just $5!!

Push Pin Picture Holders

Some baskets will come loops for hanging. However, if the baskets you have don’t have any, just use some string, ribbon or rope you probably already have at home and just make your own hanging loop by simply tying string onto a section of the basket.

This project was done at a rental property so I used simple push pin picture hangers -also purchased at the Restore Store, they were so easy to install (no hammer needed) and will leave only a small hole when removed.

If you want to hang your baskets without damaging your wall (renters, this one is for you!), use 3M picture hangers with removable adhesive. They are capable of holding up to five pounds and won’t leave any marks on the wall after you remove them.

Another option is to just use a good old hammer and nails, place the nail between the weaves in a good spot to hold up the basket, then hammered it in. When you step back, you won't see the nails.

Boho Rental

The finished project looks fantastic, my client was not only happy with the price tag but the tenant called to tell her that they were in love with the apartment.

Stay tunned this rental got all my creative juices flowing so I will post more of the DYI projects used to save costs

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