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DYI Pallet Furniture

Summer in Ontario is short but sweet! We love to sit outside with the family and relax, roast some marshmallows and count the stars. Our yard is fairly large and I'm always looking for ways to be creative and budget friendly, so about 4 years ago with the help of my capable husband we made a family gathering spot out of pallets!

This picture was taken a few years ago when Our Homes magazine featured our humble home. It has changed a few times since then LOL! same structure but of course I have recovered the cushions at least 5 times. As you can see our dog "Teddy" loves it too!

This is extremely easy to make, first you will need to find some pallets they are pretty available these days. Some companies will leave a pile for the taking, I got mine on Kijiji because I wanted 12, they were inexpensive and they delivered.

Simply stack them in the shape that you want, I chose a L shape but you can do a U shape or just in an I shape. It all depends on the size you would like. After we placed them on the ground my husband attached them together with some decking nails to secure them, while I ran to Lowes to start making the tops. They were very helpful at Lowes, I picked up some MDF and had it cut to the size I needed - a few dollars extra but so worth it! Then it was off to the fabric store.....

I purchased a roll of thick high density foam, I splurged on this because I knew I wanted it to last.... Then I chose some outdoor fabric to match the rest of the furniture in the backyard. There is nothing magical about the rest, I cut the foam to size, covered it with the fabric and then went staple gun crazy!

In the winter we store the tops in the garage but we do leave the pallets out all year long. Like I said its been about 4-5 years and they are a bit worn so this year I may paint them out to give it a fresh look. However I have about 35 projects I want to get done this summer so stay tuned lol!

If you want to start slowly then start with an ottoman, this is always a great spot to put your feet up after a long day! (I had extra pallets left...)

I also made a bar, well because why not? I was on a pallet roll.....

Good Luck, Happy Palletting and more importantly enjoy your summer friends!

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