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A Naughty Basket DIY

Last week I spent a couple of days at the cottage with some girlfriends and while we were there of course it rained. So what do you do in cottage country when it rains? If the kids were with us we you could play cards, have a dance party or play a boardgame - but us girls? We like to shop!

So while scouring all the really cute shops in Ontario cottage country I came across some beautiful nautical inspired baskets and instantly fell in love with the colours and textures. However as much as I love them, the over $100 price tag was something I did not like. So what’s a girl to do? Come home and DIY!!!!

I started with a laundry basket from the dollar tree it cost $1.25. I had already purchased our large roll of natural twine that I was going to use for a different project it was $4 at Dollarama.

Laundry basket +twine + hot glue gun = me very own cottage country basket!

The first step was the most time consuming but fairly easy you just start with your hot glue gun and simply glue as you wrap the the twine around the basket. Feel free to watch some Netflix while you’re doing this to make the time go by easier.

When that was complete, I found some extra nautical fabric I happen to have laying around. You don’t need a whole lot for this it depends on the size of your basket, so if you don’t have extra fabric lying around like I do, you could buy a small amount at a fabric store pretty inexpensively and get it to match your current home decor.

To attach the fabric I just used my handy glue gun again. the fabric does not have to be finished on the edges I simply glued around the shape of the basket and underneath the rope that way it looked neat and finished and you couldn’t see any glue. You can't by the pics ( I am NOT a photographer) but get nice and close the the edge of the rope then you won't see the plastic basket popping through.

While I loved it the way it looked already, one of the things I saw in cottage country was the addition of a colour on the outside of the baskets.

Shockingly I also happen to have some Hale navy paint (Benjamin Moore) left over from a bathroom renovation so I decided to paint a stripe around the bottom just to give it that extra pop of colour.

I am extremely happy with the results! All in all I would say this basket DIY comes in just under $10 depending on what you have at home for supplies.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoy this DIY and have some fun using the colours in your home or that you love :)

Have a great week!

- Leah

"Simplicity is the Ultimate Form of Sofistication" - Leonardo daVinci

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