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Art Deco for under $12

In my hallway I have a starburst mirror - (yes the same cookie cutter mirror that everyone else has!) and every time I walk by it I think “You have got to do something with that!” - I am anything but cookie cutter in my decor. So as usual I thought if I added more it would be better, more is always better right??? I would create a quorum!!!

Now these types of mirrors can run in different price ranges, ($59-$500) and my budget was not that so - CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! I was to DIY them.

I started with a mirror from the dollar store ($1.25), While there I also picked up the small and medium wooden dowels. Previously that week when I was shopping in Walmart I found some thicker dowels so I thought I would pick those up because you never know???? and I'm glad I did! I also lucked out while at Canadian Tire they had a clearance on this particular colour of paint $4.95- thats a score! ( I bought them all-sorry)

I already had a glue gun and lots of glue sticks on hand so it was easy to get started. First I laid out my sticks in whatever pattern I wanted I thought for the bigger mirror I would do the longer sticks north south east west and then fill it in with different sizes. Lots of glue and patience later, I really like the way it turned out.

The smaller mirror I got at the Restore (Habitat For Humanity) for a $1 this one being so small I thought I would just use the medium sticks all the way around. It had the perfect backing for gluing flat and even. Once I got the sticks arranged the I wanted them, I started the hot glue process again- it was pretty easy!!!!

Once I was satisfied with the layout of the sticks I then covered the mirror part with paper plates and painters tape so that as I spray-painted them it would not stick to the glass. TIP - You will notice that I started painting the back of the mirror first, that way I wouldn’t have to worry about it sticking and ruining the front finish!

I also gave my existing mirror an update with the same paint so everyone would be in the same gold family.

Once they were all dried I arrange them in my hallway in a fashion that I would like, I LOVE them! - I was right more is better :)

Expense breakdown

Mirrors - 1 was existing ($0) 1 from Dollartree ($1.25) 1 from Restore ($1.00) = $2.25

Gold Paint - 1 can of Krylon Gold $4.95

Sticks - 2x $1.25 Dollartree 1 x $1.60 Walmart = $4.10

Glue - $0

Patience - $$$$ priceless!

Total cost for project $11.30

This DIY was extremely easy so I say anyone can do it! If I did inspire you please send me some pics I would love to see them.

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