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3 Basket lights for under $10 each!

This is the story of making old baskets into a hanging pendant lights and an "as-is" floor lamp using just some $1 and $2 thrift store baskets that I found, along with two other simple supplies.

I have been dying for a basket light in out boho style master bedroom but they can be pretty costly, (plus my husband insists we have a fan) so I needed something I could plug in and swag over our couch for reading. I saw some really cool ones online (see my inspo) but my home renovation budget for this year is done so I needed to figure out a away to do it myself!

I found some baskets at the Restore Store (Habitat for Humanity) 2 of them were $1 each and the bigger one was $2. Next I ordered 2 light kits off (they are linked and in the picture above) they were $15 for 2 kits!!

When they arrived I went to my tool box and got the appropriate attachment for my drill, you know the ones that make the holes! lol my husband always cringes a bit when I don't know the name of things but I describe what they do with hand gestures haha 🤣

Next was the fun part - drilling the holes in the baskets! Man I love my drill!!!!!

After I got the size hole I needed to fit each light kit, I threaded the cord through - plug end first! Voila! The final step was to hang them with the ceiling hooks that were included with the light kits.

I LOVE THEM! they were exactly what I had wanted!

In fact I love them so much that I made another lamp shade for a floor lamp I had bought "as is" at a local furniture store. I got a huge discount as it turns out it was missing a lamp shade.

I followed the same steps above, however used a lamp shade ring to hold the shade in place.

*I happened to have this on hand but you can purchase these at your local hardware store.

After I secured the shade with the ring the only thing to decide was where to put my new floor lamp. I found the perfect spot, also in the Bohemian master bedroom.

My lamp sits proudly with my wicker Queen peacock chair ❤

So far hubby is pretty happy that I get what I want at the price he wants! lol What is the saying "Happy Wife Happy Life...."

Here is the breakdown of cost! Have a great weekend friends

-L :)

Total Costs per light

Hanging Pendants

Large Basket light

$2 basket

$7.50 light kit (hooks included)

Total $9.50

Small Basket light

$1 basket

$7.50 light kit (hooks included)

Total $8.50

Floor lamp

$1 Basket

lamp shade ring ($3.99) I had one already

Lamp existing (keep your eye out and look in the as is or second hand stores)

Total for me $1!!!!

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