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Reduce, Reuse and Recycle..... your sheets??

Everyone seems to be organizing and decluttering their homes KonMari style these days. While I am all for downsizing and keeping things that only spark “Joy”, I can’t help but worry about where these items are going??

Today’s blog is about what to do with your old bed sheets - when bed sheets become worn or faded, you usually just replace them and throw away the old, worn out sheets. Or maybe you have redone your bedroom decor and got new bedding. I am hoping after reading this instead of trashing your old bedding, consider recycling them instead. After scouring online for hours I realized there is so many, many ways (more than even I could think of) to upcyle those sheets, so I have picked my #topten

#1. The most obvious and easiest way is to use them as drop cloths for painting project around your house or cut them and use as rags and cleaning clothes

#2. One of my favourite uses for them is at the beach as a blanket. A king size can fit the whole family, don’t take up a lot of room in the beach bag and they dry very quickly in the sun! There are tons of tutorials on Pinterest on how to add hooks and grommets etc, however I just use as is and place a cooler, bag, shoes etc to weigh the corners down. This is also handy for a picnic as well.

#3. Where I live in Ontario Canada, even in warmer temperatures there is always a risk for frost at night. A great way to protect your plants is too cover with a fitted sheet! It fits tightly to a raised bed and most times you don’t have to worry about the wind blowing it off. Just make sure there aren’t any holes or tears!

#4. Use them to make homemade gift wrap - there so many sheets that are pretty florals, vintage looking or bright bold patterns that would make excellent gift wrap. Make sure to cut a piece to fit your gift that is not the faded part and there are no rips, tears or stains, then wrap like normal. Top it off with a matching bow or ribbon. The person receiving the gift will love your creativity and they can also reuse it!!

#5. You can create simple wall art from pretty bed sheets. Imaging framing some really cool vintage floral sheets bold patterns or your child’s favourite superhero or princess? Wrapping it around a canvas would work as well as bright colours in an art room or kids playroom.

#6. Rag Rugs made from fabric scraps are great alternatives for high-traffic areas, or in areas that get a lot of wear and tear. You can use old bed sheets to weave a rug for your bathroom, or really for anywhere. There are many different designs and patterns on Pinterest - Imagine the colours and patterns you can create!

#7. Looking for a unique way to makeover a piece of furniture or a thrift store find? Cut up your old sheets and use Mod Podge to adhere them to your furniture. You can even use different patterns on each drawer of a dresser or night stand to get a custom look.

#8. Believe it or not you can make some beautiful curtains from sheets! Add some grommets and cute trim and presto! Not a sewer? Not a problem! Use hemming tape and fold for a simple curtain loop. This would be cute in a cottage, kids bedroom, playroom, shabby chic kitchen or bedroom!

#9. Depending on your sewing skills, you can cut up old bed sheets into patches for creating a rustic quilt. This could hold so many family memories definitely sparking some joy! It can also make a great handmade gift!

#10. Donate! While your old sheets might seem useless to you, many others can use them. So instead of throwing them into the trash donate your clean sheets to a local animal shelter, donation center or charity.

The sky is really the limit when you are upcycling your sheets. They are fabric so as long as they are clean it can be reused, think of it as free or inexpensive fabric sources. If you need inspiration or more details on how to do these project check out Pinterest.

That is it for today, have a happy day :)


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